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ISBN-13: 1-461-02081-6

Praise for HugoSF

“Sumptuous prose. Better than delicious!” - Geoff Nelson

* * *

“Great news - genuine new American literature is coming back to life despite the failed promises. This new young American writer makes you want to pay attention.This book might slide in under the radar. I hope not. Far better than the books reviewed in the "usual" review publications, this book and its author quietly stand waiting for notice and serious attention. It's the real thing. Jeffrey Hannan's work is worthy of deep consideration long after the reading is finished. He is the Thomas Wolfe of these days - and very possibly more. Time will tell. How he has managed this act of creation is close to beyond wonder. Recommended for readers who want a lasting reward." - Don Clark PhD, Author of 'Loving Someone Gay'

* * *

“I’m in awe…I gobbled the whole book up over the weekend.” - Denise della Santina

* * *

“Since I am old and life is short and time too precious to waste on mediocre literature, these days I sometimes never get past the first few pages of a book. Novels, someone else's fantasy world, have to be exceptionally good to hold my attention. As soon as I read the brilliant opening scene of HugoSF I knew that I was going to finish and enjoy it. Hannan's beautiful work calls to mind the Armistead Maupin novels of life in San Francisco a few decades earlier, but Hannan, in my opinion, is the better writer. I always found Maupin's books "a good read," but a bit formulaic. Hannan's work is closer to literature than journalism and therefore more satisfying. A pleasure to read, but not "a guilty pleasure." Its brilliance lies in the well-wrought prose, in the vivid evocation of San Francisco at a certain point in its history, and in the creation of characters that truly come to life and make you want to read more about them and, to borrow his lovely phrase, the land of his imaginings." - J.L. Fletcher

* * *

“I read it on a cloudy, yucky Sunday afternoon, sitting on the sofa here in La Tour d' Aigues. I had a grand time!” - William Galliker

* * *

"Jeffrey Hannan has a gift for creating colorful, believable characters that you care about immediately. If you worked in the tech industry during the dot-com boom, you'll find yourself smiling at how vividly Hannan recreates the vibrant, crazy optimism that led up to the inevitable fall. It's a great story." - Franklin Eagerton

* * *

"I LOVE LOVE your style." - Cal State English professor


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